Lyrics to Death Caress
by Wardance

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[edit]Song titleDeath Caress
[edit]Artist nameWardance
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm dreaming in the night to sleep
With your body to mine
And feel you shiver by
running my fingers
Down your spine
I'd touch you gently and then I
Would treat you like a whore
I wanna see you on your knees
And crawling on the floor
I'm sittin
g in the room with you
In the dead of the night
Find more similar lyrics on moonlight's shining
bright the razor's
Twinkling in the light
My fingers softly touch the blade
There's madness in my eyes
Blood is running from your throat
And dripping on the floor
Die from my death caress!
Verse Two (repeat)
Chorus (repeat)
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Lyrics to Death Caress
by Wardance

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