Lyrics to Midnite in China
by Warlock

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[edit]Song titleMidnite in China
[edit]Artist nameWarlock
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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A racing stampede
Down in the valley
The waves are horses made of mercury
Our boat is shakin'
Wet timber aching
Helter skelter in the pouring rain

The boiling river's driving me insane
The rain-gods are calling my name

The end of the world is
already in sight

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Midnight in China
We're stuck between the devil and
The deep blue sea
Heaven! Fire
The angels of hell
Found their heaven on earth !

Caught in ancient China
The slaves just pull the ropes
A neverending tug of war
And the river always wins the game
Helter skelter in the pouring rain
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Lyrics to Midnite in China
by Warlock

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