Lyrics to Yes There's a Reason
by Warner Mack

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[edit]Song titleYes There's a Reason
[edit]Artist nameWarner Mack
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(There must be a reason I keep on wanting you) Yes
there's a reason why I can't forget your kiss
There must be a reason why your love I can't
resist Could it be that I love you though I know
it's wrong to do Yes there's a reason I keep on
wanting you I hang my head in sorrow each time I
Find more similar lyrics on your name Cause deep inside I know sweetheart
you'll cause me grief and shame Afraid to say that
I love you cause I know it could be true Yes
there's a reason I keep on wanting you guitar
I hang my head in sorrow...
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Lyrics to Yes There's a Reason
by Warner Mack

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