Lyrics to You are my Treasure
by Warner Mack

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[edit]Song titleYou are my Treasure
[edit]Artist nameWarner Mack
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You are my treasure and my darling I possess The
world's greatest treasure the treasure of
happiness Your smiles are my pearls and your ruby
lips are beyond compare Your eyes are my diamonds
and my gold is the gold in your hair Earth has its
treasure of fabulous wealth untold And who can
measure the treasure the ocean holds But whether
it be underneath the sea or the sky above There is
no treasure like the treasure of your love
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There was a time when I thought I could find
happiness in silver and gold And I longed for fame
and wordly acclaim And I hunger for these things
filled my very soul But then you came along and
now I know I was wrong For in your eyes I can see
the greatest treasure in all the world The
treasure of your love for me Earth has its
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Lyrics to You are my Treasure
by Warner Mack

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