Lyrics to D.r.f.s.r.
by Warrant

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[edit]Song titleD.r.f.s.r.
[edit]Artist nameWarrant
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Dirty rotten filthy stinking rich

Italian cars as long as my street
I'm gonna wear exotic animals on my feet
Pretty rocks on my fingers
Pretty bells on my toes
Lots of caviar for my mouth
Maybe I'll even pierce my nose

Give me, give me just half a chance
To lead you in this corporate dance

And I'll be
Dirty rotten filthy stinking rich

Sign it all in the palm of my hand
Nothing gonna get in my way, do you understand?
I got a house, I got a jet
I got a Rolls Royce painted blue
The only thing that's left for me, babe
Is for me to own you too

I'll say give me, give me just half a chance
To lead you in this corporate dance

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Dirty rotten filthy stinking rich

I'm gonna have more money than you have ever seen
Baby I just want all the frills

I'm gonna insulate my body in green, me too
I'm gonna light my cigarettes with 100 dollar bills

Oh give me, give me just half a chance
To lead you in this corporate dance

Give me, give me just half a chance
To take you on a hopeless romance

And I'll be
Dirty rotten filthy stinking rich

I told you what I want man
I want bank accounts
And I want CDs
And I want early term rollovers
I want everything!
Give me, give me, give me a fuckin' Incomprehensible
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Lyrics to D.r.f.s.r.
by Warrant

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