Lyrics to Standing
by Warrior

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[edit]Song titleStanding
[edit]Artist nameWarrior
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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People of the World
Rise up hear my words
You are the one who must carry the cross
You are the one to defy your masters
Breaking the spell you were cast into
Shatter the mold you were forced to believe

Rulers of the Earth
Revolution is on your hands
You are the one who deceives the masses
Asleep at the wheel unaware of the madness
Concealing the daggers edge
behind a veil of deception
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We are standing on the edge of a new world
We are standing on the edge of a new world

Cry out to the world
The vision will be heard
We are the ones who will carry the burden
We are the ones who will conquer the empire
We're on a mission to fight for a new beginning

Welcome to the New World
Welcome to the New World
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Lyrics to Standing
by Warrior

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