Lyrics to Don't say Sarah
by Wave

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[edit]Song titleDon't say Sarah
[edit]Artist nameWave
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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It's just another day
I'm off to work it's all the same
That's how it's been
Getting use to this routine
I hid the pain inside
To keep my mind occupied
At least that's the plan
I wear the bravest face I can

Just when I think I'm doing alright
Someone says that magic word again
I'm asking you please

Don't say Sarah no more
Don't say her name
Because she hurt me so and
I just can't let go
Don't say Sarah no more
Don't say her name
Coz things ain't like before
She's not my girl no more

No more

Almost myself again
I think my heart is on the mend
Find more similar lyrics on'm doing okay
Feeling stronger everyday
Could I give it a try
It's been a while
I think that I'll go out
with my friends
Maybe I can start again

Just when I catch a
girl smiling at me
Someone tears the
band-aid off and then
it all comes back so


Ain't like before


I'm asking you please

Just when I think I'm doing alright
Someone says that magic word again
I'm asking you please

Chorus until end
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Lyrics to Don't say Sarah
by Wave

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