Lyrics to The Hunger
by Wayne Watson

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[edit]Song titleThe Hunger
[edit]Artist nameWayne Watson
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Wayne Watson
What shall we do with this Jesus
Out of control people screaming "crucify"
But they can't tell me why
What has He done--Name His transgression
Tell me His crime--That He should die
Sisters and brothers caught up in the hunger
Mothers and fathers quick to
make claim for the blame
Who then is guilty--Who's gonna answer
Voices cry out demanding the shame
Let the blood--Let the blood of the man
Be on our hands and on our children
Lookin' for someone to blame
Here we stand
Let the blood--Let the blood of the man
The charge for His life ever rest upon us
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Was there a voice numbered among them
Was there an image that looked like me
Could it be--The cry of abuse
The cold accusation
Could change to a prayer--A sinners plea
The hope for all the nations
For every boy and girl
The surety that life is not in vain
Just like at Calvary's station
The cry heard round the world
To cover over us with precious stain
Let the blood--Let the blood of the man
The fruit of his life
Ever blessed and holy
Spotless--Here we stand
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Lyrics to The Hunger
by Wayne Watson

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