Lyrics to Friendship is a Touchy Subject
by We the Kings

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[edit]Song titleFriendship is a Touchy Subject
[edit]Artist nameWe the Kings
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You wear this crown does it make you feel, Like
everyone is listening hanging on your every word.
I'm staring at your insides and I see what's
running through you, Why won't you ever let this
go. You used to be my worst enemy clever and
you're thinking of ways to get out of this one.
Find more similar lyrics on we had wasn't always easy, what we had wasn't
all that bad. Always, I am drawn closer to the
end, I will always remember you even through all
the worst times That we've had and you were always
there for me. Hands down you're the best thing yet
that's happened And still everyone listens to you...
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Lyrics to Friendship is a Touchy Subject
by We the Kings

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