Lyrics to Dare
by Wedding Present

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[edit]Song titleDare
[edit]Artist nameWedding Present
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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And there's one more thing just
Come inside, no I'm all alone
Danny isn't here today
She said she just had to get away
It's on your right, just by the telephone
She promised that she'd try and ring
So far I haven't heard a thing
I'm glad you came round though
There's something I must know
You shook your heard and you walked away
I think you'd maybe had a row
I know you wouldn't leave him now
But the things you said as you turned my way
The look that came into your eyes
It kind of took me by surprise
And you can't have not known
I'd be here on my own
Stay all night, I dare you
Look who is going to know?
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Yes alright I scare you
But you're just as bad as me
And I know where I'd rather be
Are you calling John? Well tell him anything!
Look how we tremble when we kiss
One day soon we'll laugh at this!
But just tonight, we've got everything
Stop listening for the door
I've told you where she went before
Nothing can go wrong
If you're not here too long
Just stay all night, I dare you
Look who is going to know?
I can't believe you want to go!
Yes alright I scare you
But you're just as bad as me
And I know where I'd rather be
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Lyrics to Dare
by Wedding Present

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