Lyrics to Something & Nothing
by Wedding Present

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[edit]Song titleSomething & Nothing
[edit]Artist nameWedding Present
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You're not such a nice girl after all
It's as much as you can do just to say hello
Have you got to stick your head inside that book?
Oh, you've noticed that I'm here, now please spare the dirty look

It's such a beautiful evening, oh would you like to go out?
Oh, pardon me for breathing

I know you walk a different way each night
To avoid the men on the building site
But I waited half an hour for you to come
Oh well, you've missed your dad and the tea's now overdone

Well, it's only part of loving, please don't
Accuse me of making something out of nothing
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There's really nothing to be ashamed about
He's a good looking kid, I think I've worked that bit out
And he seems to have the same desires as you
But if he's that much fun how come I'm not laughing too?

It's such a beautiful evening, oh would you like to go out?
Oh, pardon me for breathing, I can't help the way that I am
Oh, it's only part of loving, please don't you tell me
That I'm making something out of nothing

Silly but true, you know I can't help but feeling used
When the two of you get on so well together
A quiet drink? Well, what am I supposed to think?
When the two of you, you dance so well together
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Lyrics to Something & Nothing
by Wedding Present

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