Lyrics to Stainless Steel Lycanthropy
by Wehrwolfe

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[edit]Song titleStainless Steel Lycanthropy
[edit]Artist nameWehrwolfe
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Enter, this path, of my philosophy. Warzone,
terror, hellbound shockwave. Shockwave of death!
Beasts of battle standing tall, in a stance of
victory. Mindless victims hear my call, all of you
shall bleed for me. As the final lights fades from
your eyes, you realize your existance was futile.
On you, I spit, my cursing serenade. Bloodlust,
legions, hell bound shockwave of... Beasts of
battle standing tall, in a stance of blasphemy.
Those who have betrayed the law, all of you shall
scream for me. In a diabolical lunar,
metalurigial, lupine metamorphosis. Servants of
Find more similar lyrics on lie, shed tears for the lives you waste,
hearts filled with dread consumed with the filth
you spread. Despair in your eyes, haunting visions
of a ghastly hue, your blood you will taste as a
reign of bullets shred your face. Beasts of battle
standing tall, in a stance of blasphemy. Those who
have betrayed the law, all of your, we're beasts
of battle one and all hear our chaingun symphony,
zeroed in to split your skull. Stainless steel
lycanthopy. In a diabolical metalurgical,
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Lyrics to Stainless Steel Lycanthropy
by Wehrwolfe

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