Lyrics to Flying Without Wings
by Westlife

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[edit]Song titleFlying Without Wings
[edit]Artist nameWestlife
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Everybody's looking for that something
One thing that makes it all complete
You'll find it in the strangest places
Places you never knew it could be

Some find it in the face of their children
Some find it in their lover's eyes
Who can deny the joy it brings
When you've found that special thing?
You're flying without wings

Some find it sharing every morning
Some in their solitary lives
You'll find it in the words of others
A simple line can make you laugh or cry

You'll find it in the deepest friendship
The kind you cherish all your life
And when you know how much that means
You've found that special thing
You're flying without wings

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You've got to fight for every dream
'Cause who's to know which one you let go
Would have made you complete

Well, for me, it's waking up beside you
To watch the sunrise on your face
To know that I can say, "I love you"
In any given time or place

It's little thing that only I know
Those are the things that make you mine
And it's like flying without wings
'Cause you're my special thing
I'm flying without wings

And you're the place my life begins
And you'll be where it ends
I'm flying without wings
And that's the joy you bring
I'm flying without wings
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Lyrics to Flying Without Wings
by Westlife

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