Lyrics to East of the River
by Wet Wet Wet

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[edit]Song titleEast of the River
[edit]Artist nameWet Wet Wet
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Gotta gotta know
I see the sun in your eyes
Let me take your hand
And we'll go to wonderland
Bet you've asked silly questions
Like do I still love you
Better than eating, honey

Cos you're the girl from
the east of the river

They all went mad on the way out west end
But we've all bet our bottom dollar
That my archfull flame
Will win you over
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That tells the truth

Cos you're the girl from
the east of the river

Where all the grass is greener
And out pockets
Are all paved with gold
Please turn to gold
Please return to old east of the river
But it won't work with nobody but you

Cos you're the girl from
the east of the river
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Lyrics to East of the River
by Wet Wet Wet

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