Lyrics to The System
by Whippersnapper

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[edit]Song titleThe System
[edit]Artist nameWhippersnapper
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You never heard a word your father said
Until he said, "Goodbye"
And now you walk these streets in agony
Just looking for the reason why

You try to tell me that you've played it safe
Lay in wait, looking for your reason to shine
And all this talk about intensity, your destiny
You're telling me you're going to be just fine

I want to believe you
But it's too late
I want to believe you
But it's too late

Finally you've come to see
That nothing's as it really seems
Your broken dreams, your blue skies turn to gray
And now you've left me kind of dangling
Wondering if ever really felt this way

I want to believe you
But it's too late
I want to believe you
But it's too late

Find more similar lyrics on you're going to prove yourself right
Say you won't go down without a fight
Don't know how "The system " is going to let you live
But words alone almost always mean nothing
Look in your eyes, I know that you're bluffing
Truth be known, I think you never had the will to give

Waste away your life, no motivation
Waste away your life, no motivation
Waste away your life, no motivation now
Waste away your life, no motivation
Waste away your life, no motivation
Waste away your life, no motivation now

Now I've learned how to walk away
And let you go your separate way
Before you drag me down
And in between your tears
You scream and shout, you're selling out
The water is overhead but I won't drown

I want to believe you
But it's too late
I want to believe you
But it's too late
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Lyrics to The System
by Whippersnapper

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