Lyrics to Sentence of Death
by White Skull

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[edit]Song titleSentence of Death
[edit]Artist nameWhite Skull
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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They came like wolves in the night
Bringing anguish and fear
Days of blood started from Spain
They came with the torture instruments

Demon and beasts escape from this land
Judgement day begin
No one will save his soul
You'll tell me the truth
Look at my eyes give me your soul
Sentence of death
I had the power of God
And you are condemned

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I'm sure of my innocence
I'll try to find the real
We are warriors of the truth

Now all is ready for the sentence
The prisoners are arriving
Screams of rage come from the heart
No one's compassion outside
Don't find excuse you are condemned
Sentence of death
Fire is burning the time of the end
Everything is alright

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Lyrics to Sentence of Death
by White Skull

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