Lyrics to End of Your World
by Whitlams

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[edit]Song titleEnd of Your World
[edit]Artist nameWhitlams
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The light from the street
it comes filtering through your room
Just another night just another dream
you're putting yourself into
And outside the streets are bare
without a care as if no-one cares
to make a sound
i said well ain't that the way you like it
Well i know with all the plans we had
it was gonna be hard to succeed
But harder than any of that
is sitting here watching you bleed
You're on a plane to the end of your world
You're going down and down
It's one hell of a way to go out
Yeah and all around it's comin' down
Find more similar lyrics on feel your winter it's setting in
The leaves they now fill the gutters
the trees just branches in the ground
And into an empty room my eyes are open wide
to try and find something that was inside
to take the place of what was left behind
Well you know it's so quiet here
It's like a country town
Where all the drama's gone
It's left far behind
and now there's only one peace of mind
You never thought it was a crime
to be so sad and lonely
You're going down and down
It's one hell of a way to go out
Out with a bang
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Lyrics to End of Your World
by Whitlams

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