Lyrics to Diner
by Widespread Panic

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[edit]Song titleDiner
[edit]Artist nameWidespread Panic
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Beautiful, the girl's cooking in the diner today
Oh, she won't show the bother, even time she gets
covered in (not actual lyric but sang in Bozeman,
MT, and Savannah, Ga.someone told me, but i did
not belive until i actually heard it in my own
head., let me know if you have
heard the same, here goes.) BLUE...CHEEEESE,
I sing kind little songs
Trying to bait her soul
And she's like natural music
SHOW WITH ME DIDII NOT HEAR, but i tripped out
about with some folks on shake down about over a
nice big plump and juicy...well dont remember,
so tell me if YOU DO.)

Oh in time, time, time, I just love to watch her hands move
A little sugar, pepper, llittle brother wants to shine my shoes
Go ahead, shine, shine, shine, I'll sit real still
And my backbone shivers as she looks this way
And I try not to move

She's beautiful - natural
Hangin in the diner basking in the light of Ms. Lee

original lyrics
Given time, Lord I'd build her a mountain for a room.
Given an hour, an hour, I'd build a rocket to the moon.
Might take at least a week to find the strongest tool
Might take the rest of this lifetime to find the strongest fuel

Find more similar lyrics on she natural, she take the moon and put it in her pocket
She's beautiful, smiling it on me while I build this rocket

Because the tounge tastes so old, can't even load you coffee sweet
When she serves a bowl of lightning, makes sure you get all you need
Sometimes come for a menu, some just come in to breathe
Hanging in the diner sitting in the light of Ms. Lee

She's beautiful - natural
Hanging in the diner, basking in the light, basking in the light...

She's beauty, yeah, the girl's cooking in the diner today
No, she won't show the bother, even time she gets covered in blues
I sing comical songs trying to blame myself
She's all-ready music in a booth, man, if she catch you

Hanging in the diner
Sitting in the light of Ms. Lee
Opening up early
Help a poor boy up
Open on Sunday, all day
Little sunshine rising from the park
Cross the street to the path
Keeping my teeth long and longer
And a smile...

Hanging in the light
Hanging in the light
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Lyrics to Diner
by Widespread Panic

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