Lyrics to That's me Trying
by William Shatner

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[edit]Song titleThat's me Trying
[edit]Artist nameWilliam Shatner
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I got your address from the phone book at the library
Wandered in, looked you up and you were there
Weird that you've been living, maybe
2 miles away for the best part of 20 years

You must be, what
In your early forties now, if I remember
You were born in June or was it May?
Eisenhower was the President although it may have been JFK

Years of silence, not enough
Who could blame us giving up?
Above the quiet there's a buzz
That's me trying

You still working in that store on Ventura?
You still going with, no, that's not fair
I know I haven't been the very best of dads
I'll hold my hand up there

The reason that I'm writing is I'd like for us to meet
Get a little daughter dad action going soon
We could put things behind us, eat some pizza, drink some beer
You still see your sister, Lemli? Bring her, too

Years of silence, not enough
Who could blame us giving up?
Above the quiet there's a buzz
That's me trying
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But I don't wanna talk about any of that bad stuff
Why I missed out on your wedding and your high school graduation
I'd like to explain, but I can't
So let's keep things neutral, stick to topics that won't bug us

How 'bout this?
Let's choose a book and we'll read it before we meet
Then we can sit down at a restaurant
Have a look at the menu and talk about it while we eat

See, if we never had a problem then that's what life would be like
Easy, uncomplicated, cool
So let's just pretend that the past didn't happen
I don't really like thrillers as well

I don't want to know if I've got grandchildren
No need to tell me where I went wrong
I don't want to know what happened in your thirties
You wanna try 'Cold Mountain' or is that too long?

Years of silence, not enough
Who could blame us giving up?
Above the quiet there's a buzz
That's me trying, it's me trying
That's me trying, I'm trying
Above the quiet there's a buzz
I'm trying
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Lyrics to That's me Trying
by William Shatner

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