Lyrics to Reasons To Quit
by Willie Nelson

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[edit]Song titleReasons To Quit
[edit]Artist nameWillie Nelson
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Reasons to quit the smoke and booze
Don't do me like before
And I'm hardly ever sober and my old friends
Don't come around much anymore

Reasons to quit the low is
Always lower than the high
And the reasons to quit don't out number
All the reasons why

So we keep smokin' and we keep drinkin'
Havin' fun and never thinkin'
Laughin' at the price tags that we pay

And we keep rollin' down the fast lane
Find more similar lyrics on two young men feelin' no pain
And the reasons for quittin's gettin' bigger each day

Reasons to quit I can't afford
The habit all the time
I need to be sober, I need to write
Some new songs that will rhyme

Reasons to quit they have no rhyme or reason
When you're high
And the reasons to quit don't out number
All the reasons why

We keep smokin' and we keep drinkin'
And the reasons for quittin's gettin' bigger each day
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Willie Nelson biography

News Update: NELSON RISKS JAIL TO PROMOTE POT Country music legend WILLIE NELSON has risked being thrown in jail by appearing on the cover of pro-marijuana magazine High Times, holding the drug. In September last year (06), the 74-year-old singer was fined and given six months probation after being found guilty of possession of large amounts of marijuana. But it hasn't stopped him supporting the drug and those who use it. As well as gracing the magazine's cover; Nelson has performed at a recent Texas benefit concert for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). A probation officer has told the New York Daily News Nelson is unlikely to land in trouble because of the picture of him holding the drug. (IG/NYDN/MT)

News Update: WILLIE NELSON BUSTED FOR POT POSSESSION Country star WILLIE NELSON has been cited for possession of marijuana and narcotic mushrooms after a Louisiana cop smelled trouble during a traffic stop. The singer's tourbus wa.....MORE.....(full Willie Nelson biography)

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Lyrics to Reasons To Quit
by Willie Nelson

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