Lyrics to Restless & Dead
by Witchery

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[edit]Song titleRestless & Dead
[edit]Artist nameWitchery
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Howling moon and a rapid nightfall Cold hard death
and chanting spell For the dead to be risen from
their deep slumber The grave shall be open to free
who´s under We´re the restless - and the Dead Dead
people walking thru the sanctuary A scream comes
from one of the graves still buried The light in
Find more similar lyrics on window shows the priest has heard us Alltolate
for the tombs are now open and empty We're the
restless - and the Dead Hunger - for the flesh of
the people who are still alive Open grave - the
Dead will rise Rise! We're the restless - and the
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Lyrics to Restless & Dead
by Witchery

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