Lyrics to Evil Star
by Wolf

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[edit]Song titleEvil Star
[edit]Artist nameWolf
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I lost all hope, I
lost all faith
Never truly safe
My fate seems
darker than before
I am a flame, I am a fire
And a forsaken liar
The beast in me is
called to war

Evil Star
Take my heart
Dark descending majesty
Evil Star
Take my heart
My spirit burns with ecstasy

A demon man with a devil mind
Hollow hearted son
Come night avenging angel ride
I scan the plains
with phantom eyes
I search and I seek
My killing urge is on the rise

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Take my heart
Dark descending majesty
Evil Star
Take my heart
My spirit burns with ecstasy

I tell my tale in
scarlet stains
Lived my life in vain
Possessed to you -
freedom to me
You burn out and you drift away
When day kills the night
Again I'm lost and cannot see

Evil Star
Take my heart
Dark descending majesty
Evil Star
Take my heart
My spirit burns with ecstasy
Evil Star
Dark descending majesty
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Lyrics to Evil Star
by Wolf

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