Lyrics to Coma
by Wolverine

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[edit]Song titleComa
[edit]Artist nameWolverine
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Machines that make me breathe, I just
can't stand their terrible scream
I'm stumbling through smoke-filled rooms
With only darkness ahead, I wish I was dead
Drowned in a distance, I'm so safe and sound
Damn well protected from all those around
Seeking the life that was taken from me
Still all I see is a man on his knees

Although I'm asleep, can you feel I'm here?
Lost in this place, screaming for you

Back on my feet when a distant light
Brings me some hope and a strength that had died
A doorway that speaks of the world I once left
A final way out and a final way back
Then a sudden change makes the light start to fade
I need to run but I stumble instead
The light disappears as I lay on the ground
My last hope of freedom is turned into none...

Will I ever speak again, love again?
Find more similar lyrics on I ever leave my mind?
I am trapped inside myself, far from the outside
Why won't they let me die?
I'm tired as I lay here bleeding on the ground


(We're the machines, the only friends around
Stay for a while and let us keep you alive)


Here I am, I'm lost in this place
Wish I could just say goodbye
But you're not around to hear my cries...

Will I ever speak again, love again?
Will I ever leave my mind?
I am trapped inside myself, far from the outside
Why won't they just let me die?

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Lyrics to Coma
by Wolverine

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