Lyrics to We are Darker
by Wounded

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[edit]Song titleWe are Darker
[edit]Artist nameWounded
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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We Are Darker

And in this tragedy play,
You pray with holy names.
You preach that your are dark.
Then again we are darker.
We fly into your lifes.
We will come to fight your lies.
To turn your world in flames,
To burn your godless names.

And in your evil heart,
We found a stinging dart.
It must be weakening you.
As I see your hidden you.
We breed inside your fate.
We breed our god of hate.
We came to stop, the games
The games you have played with all the others.

From the tears in our eyes the pain will grow
The children we were, we forgot to grow.
Find more similar lyrics on you brought us pain when
you started the war, with a
bitter shame.
You've abused us into us.
I know within my heart,
That your love will be a dart so painful,
I could never ease to bear.
And in your dark and hateful eyes, is
something as dead as ice.
Were so delighted, we may remove ourselves from you.

We are darker, Darker then you will ever be.
We are darker, Darker then your darkest face.
We are darker, Dark we paint your soulless sea.
We are darker, Darker then you will ever be.
We are darker, Darker then a moonless night.
We are darker, Dark the sound within our mind.
We are darker, To hate we use our liberty
We are darker, Fuck with us and you will see.

"C'mon death I challenge thee for once more."
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Lyrics to We are Darker
by Wounded

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