Lyrics to Freestyle- Royal Rumble 2003
by Wrestling

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[edit]Song titleFreestyle- Royal Rumble 2003
[edit]Artist nameWrestling
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Yo, Yo, Yo!! Thuganomics Style!
Naw, naw..
Put down your tea potties,
Get away from your John Hancocks,
I'm rockin this Thuganomics style,
Yo.. Besides open mics..
One thing that gets me boiled is an old
school 30 man battle royal,
I'm a win this,
I'm a make my impression,
Show Vinny Mac that I got Ruthless Aggression!
The odds were even, until you chose me,
Now it's 29 dudes and 1 ruthless MC
Yo it doesn't matter kid,
Cuz I'll rip yo nose off,
I can battle you naked with no clothes on!!
Kid, wutchu talkin' bout?
3 reasons I'm a win this -
Find more similar lyrics on number 1: I cut you up like cucumbers
Reason number 2, that you can't approach
this: I be chokin you like Sprewell
be chokin coaches
Reason number 3 is hard for me to explain to
ya, but I'm a win tonight and
go on to Wrestlemania
The royal rumble's just another test that I got to pass,
Y'all dudes are like "Keep it one
leg'd, you half assed"
Yo.. wutchu talkin bout kid? You can't touch this,
Throw the double clutches, if you down with untouches,
Yo it's my year.. I suggest you take the year off,
I'm sick like Tyson was when he bit Holyfield's ear off
It doesn't matter kid..
Yo, you should stop defeat me,
My style's like a swollen penis, you can't beat me
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Lyrics to Freestyle- Royal Rumble 2003
by Wrestling

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