Lyrics to Ashes of man and oak and Pine
by Wyrd

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[edit]Song titleAshes of man and oak and Pine
[edit]Artist nameWyrd
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Life fades away like the days
Autumnal rains sweep the plains
Once at one's journey's end
So short seem our days
The eternal arrow of life
Points to one direction only
No matter how you try
The wheel keeps on turning

Flames of life, flames of death
Ashes of man and oak and pine
Mingle and soar beyond the day
Far beyond, north away

Into the glacial waters
Of the ice cold nothern lakes
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Deep down below the waves
The skyline aflame burning red
And the flames caress the stars
Like fallen from the skies
They mirror from water's placid surface

Follow the sun, follow the moon
Ashes of man and oak and pine
Mingle and soar into the night
Far beyond, north away

While you live let your spirit soar
And your fire burn forevermore
As those who crawl
Might as well be gone
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Lyrics to Ashes of man and oak and Pine
by Wyrd

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