Lyrics to Burning House of Love
by X

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[edit]Song titleBurning House of Love
[edit]Artist nameX
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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drive by my house late at night you can see it
from from the freeway. no silhouette, but a light
left on, burning there for love. smoke is rising
from the fire, coming out my back door. i'm inside
sound asleep, i see it on the floor. burning there
for love. well, i can still remember a couple of
years ago. when the smoke and flame from my name,
Find more similar lyrics on was a burning house of love. that rusty nail
outside our door, is where i nailed our tears at
rain. i threw that horseshoe in the weeds, and see
what love could bring. now you're inside your big
diamond lies, on either side of town. i think i
might take a ride, and burn your love house down
like a burning house of love
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Lyrics to Burning House of Love
by X

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