Lyrics to The Hungry Wolf
by X

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[edit]Song titleThe Hungry Wolf
[edit]Artist nameX
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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i am the hungry wolf and run endlessly with my
mate i see the gutter feed on the foolish outrun
and kill the strong at daybreak i roam awake to
who follows me i roam i roam i am the hungry wolf
and run endlessly with my mate welcome to the
dripping jaws the alter of your death at daybreak
i roam ready to tear up the world i roam i roam
Find more similar lyrics on hungry wolf stares from the hill at the
villagers around the fire she loves her mate as he
loves her and they live together for life i am the
hungry wolf and run endlessly with my mate look
across the street, my friend we're waiting for you
to slow down at daybreak i roam eyes in the back
of my head i roam i roam
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Lyrics to The Hungry Wolf
by X

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