Lyrics to Real by Reel
by XTC

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[edit]Song titleReal by Reel
[edit]Artist nameXTC
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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In this secret time, invading on our privacy
Unknowing we mime, we play for the ministry
The can film you in bed
Or when you take a bath
They can tape every cry
They can tape every laugh
They can turn you around so
you won't know what's

Real by reel
Busy little bees recording everything you feel
On real by reel
Documented down like rats
They're catching up on every squeal
On real by reel
Real by reel by real by
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In this hidden time, ignorance
may help you to cope
Rehearsing for crimes, in
government cinemascope
The can film you at work
Or when they let you play
They can tape what you think
They can tape what you say
They can't blur your I.D. so
you won't know what's

Now I lay me down to sleep
Knowing that your lenses peep
Now I eat my daily bread
And into the tape spool I'll be fed
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Lyrics to Real by Reel
by XTC

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