Lyrics to Radio
by Y-O-U

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[edit]Song titleRadio
[edit]Artist nameY-O-U
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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She's Back In Mother's Bed,
Turned On. Turn Off The Light.
Her Dirty Voice Cuts Through The Night
A Neighbor Turns To Open His Door.
What's That Girl Making
So Much Noise For?

She's Making Love On The Radio
Coming In In Stereo.
She's Making Love On The Radio.
The Radio.

Her Eyes Are Closed,
She Runs Her Fingers Through Her Hair.
She's Getting High, But No One's There.
Her Father Opens Up The Door.
He Says She Couldn't Have Any More.

Making Love On The Radio
Coming In In Stereo.
Find more similar lyrics on Love On The Radio.
The Radio.

Then The Record Man Says:
Pretty Girl I'm Here For You,
No Matter What They Say.
I Can Open All The Right Doors For You,
And Together We Can Own The Radio.

It's Too Late Now
She Gets It Any Time She Wants.
All Oiver The World, She's Making Love.
Everybody Turn On At Once,
We'll Make Sure That It's Loud Enough.

We're Making Love On The Radio.
Coming In In Stereo.
Making Love On The Radio.
The Radio.
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Lyrics to Radio
by Y-O-U

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