Lyrics to What's Wrong With You
by Yo Gotti

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[edit]Song titleWhat's Wrong With You
[edit]Artist nameYo Gotti
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Chorus 2x
Aye homie whats wrong with you
That bitch don't belong 2 you 2x
Bet she don't go home with you
She already feelin me
Ima get her on the two
Later on she gonna do, whatever I want her to

Yo gotti 2x
That bitch ain't no gutta bitch
She done sucked ahunnit dicks
Crossed about a hunnit hoes and ran threw ahunnit clicks
She do the most, do the gross, niggas and bitches she fuck em both
If you wanna buy some head, pick her up and blow the dough

She from the nutta gutta south
Then she moved down to the east
You can move a million times but bitch you still go be a freak
She use to fuck with Triple C, now she fuck with Nimean
Her sister and them from Mo-East Mountain
That's a Memphis hoe, you know that pimping go
Say she went to Northside, graduated from Merrow
Say she went 2 TSU, transfer to UT Check
Now she fucking Star and them, they don't want to give her back
Say her head dumb dumb, very very dumb dumb
That's a known Memphis bitch, I know where she come from
I know what her tongue done, I know where her mouth been
Don't you fall in love with her, she will fuck yo bestfriend

Chorus (2x)
Aye homie whats wrong with you
That bitch don't belong to you 2x
Bet she don't go home with you
She already feeling me
Ima get her on the two
Later on she gonna whatever I want her to
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That's just ain't yo busz so stop taking shit the wrong way
Sitting home pissed, like shit, with the long face
Yo bitch ain't coming home anyway long as I tell you why
Landlord, kush and patron go have her hella high
Her homegirl ain't sayin shit, her homegirl her alibi
I been waitin to burn her throat she...I cant never lie
Her nigga think she clean, lowkey she be on the scene hard
Mouse point, rollin green, doin lean in between the rachett parks
My lil rachett broad, broke as hard...
He was a D Boy, now that nigga got a job
Man he gotta rob, that's his plan B, all the time...
And we was at Woodcrest, and many honders, me and my new bitch, oh shit that's yo babymoma
I don't wanna hear it, nigga save the drama
Whats wrong with you, let her do what she wannaa

Chorus (2x)
Aye homie whats wrong with you
That bitch don't belong to you 2x
Bet she don't go home with you
She already feeling me
Ima get her on the two
Later on she gonna whatever I want her to

Yo bitch done got toss around, left her in the lost and found
Heard that she was feelin me, then you started talkin down
That just made it easier, that it make her curious
She said you don't give her space and me I don't give a fuck
She on the two, bitch told me everything she goin threw
She goin to, goin to, details you wouldnt know was true
Lets just say we have an understanding, I cant withhold the truth
She gets on dro, and lose it and puts head on the whole crew, damn
That bitch played it cold, she just wanna stay though
And fuck with some real niggas, and she know anything go
Why you think we call em hoes, cause they hoes
These bitches out here change niggas more than they change clothes
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Lyrics to What's Wrong With You
by Yo Gotti

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