Lyrics to Paul is Dead
by Yo La Tengo

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[edit]Song titlePaul is Dead
[edit]Artist nameYo La Tengo
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Walking on 10th Street
The guy in front of me, Walkman,
headphones on, Stones cranked
The thing that caught my ear, singing loud and clear
Well every couple of steps I heard "Woo-woo"
And he said it so un-self-consciously
That never it would occur to me that
He revealed himself
and I'd offer a blue
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I was drunk the night we met, I might try to forget
Except I know so were you
I don't really care, cause we went on from there
And I try not to hide from what is true
The other night I had this dream
You told me what you want from me
I gave it to you instantly
and I woke up without a clue
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Lyrics to Paul is Dead
by Yo La Tengo

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