Lyrics to Look in Your Eyes
by Young Gunz & Cam'ron

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[edit]Song titleLook in Your Eyes
[edit]Artist nameYoung Gunz
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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"It's just the look in ya eyes" 5X

Young Chris
And let you know I got potential
Don't know me from the can of paint, know what I meant to
Know when you see Gunna, you see hunger
I've been signed for the last three summers, and still broke, bitch
But I stay with two chicks, I can nail
Either fifth, stay with two clips like Pharrell
Capture money, though, ever since a kid, I can sell
When the house was Run's house, I was a kid rockin' shells
To let you know I'm on what I say I am
Ask them niggaz dog, I don't play with them
Tax them niggaz dog, they be payin' me or I be layin' them
Cause in the game, dog, fuck a flagrant foul
And motherfucker say that I run wild
I give a fuck, in this whatever, I ain't blaze in a while
So bring it on niggaz, on niggaz, tell me what it's gonna be
They said it was something, they ain't know what I was gonna be

"It's just the look in ya eyes" 4X

He act like a ho, I'm airin' him, give hoes cicerrians
Uh-oh, they daring him, lo-lows, I'm starin' him
Po-po's, in fear of him, those o's preparin' 'em
My jewelry look like a straight up frozen aquarium
Frozen aquarius, Outkast Aquemini
Leave with a gemini, Kelina's the only friend of mine
Well I'm lyin' the steamer's a good friend of mine
He knew in every arena, nina's are genuine
Bitches like Ginuwine, I had intent to grind
Find more similar lyrics on whose watching, switch it up from ten to nine
Switch, I ain't pickin' locks, I got a bigger poc
Ock, number hoes sold right inside the chicken spot
Stolen cables, still got the chip in box
Still got the clip in glocks, feel like we chicken pox
When I pop up on you, leave your chicken rocked
Five extra clips, you really picked your box

"It's just the look in ya eyes" 5X

Young Neef
To let you know I'm cuttin' off friends in order
To fuck mine, you gotta suck me off first
And I'm suppose to kill 'em, when y'all got y'all dirt dirt
Somebody better get 'em, 'fore somebody come and kill 'em
For that skrilla fool, til somebody die
and come and feel them jewels
Up with hollows, send them to the spittle tubes
Up they nostrils, put 'em up in critical
That's if we ain't finish you, better not remember who
Did this to, witness in two
Gotta go, shotty blow, business is due
Got a plan on, gettin this money, moving my crew
All real niggaz is snakes, I see through
All throughbreds to fake, I read through
They lines, between they eyes and they belt
It's the spray that they fell
Them niggaz foul, what you think this is?
Big conciousness on your nonsense, since nine nine

"It's just the look in ya eyes" 5X
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Lyrics to Look in Your Eyes
by Young Gunz & Cam'ron

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