Lyrics to How I luv u
by Young Hoodlum

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[edit]Song titleHow I luv u
[edit]Artist nameYoung Hoodlum
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Album: Life or Death Young Hoodlum(talking): This
one right hear is only for the girl down the
block. Only for the girl down the block. Verse1:
Girl I'm so found of you/without you I wouldn't
know what to do/ girl for you I have strong
affections/ to your heart I need directions/I'm
finna let out my devotion/ show my strong
emotions/ girl its you I adore/havin' a
conversation I won't ignore/you are the one that I
cherish/around my freinds I'll never act
fakeish/we could be two love birds/we could have
our kids comin' in a herd/girl were in a love
knot/girl its you that I love alot/girl you leave
me love lorn/see dudes touch you andI'll be torn
Chours: Girl I wanna do some love makin'/I want us
to be datin'/I'm finna show how much I love you/I
knew you was special when I laid eyes on you/to
not talk to you I would've been a fool/I'm finna
show how much I love you Verse2: Don't take my
name and think that I'm bad/you make happiness
Find more similar lyrics on out when I'm sad/girl we are a love match/to
you girl I am attached/I'm so love sick/ me and
you together, can you picture this/girl you are so
lovely/girl just come and hug me/girl you are the
one for me/to your heart I need the key/Finna tell
you right now you are a perfect dyme/for you girl
I've always got the time/girl thinking of you
drives me crazy/I want you to have my baby/girl
lovin' you is non-stop/we could live together on
my yacht (chours) Verse3: we might be in a crazy
situation/but in your life I want participation/
we will have a beautiful baby/ because you are my
lady/ you could be a model/ case your body is
shaped like a soda bottle/live wth each other 'til
were old/glad through this song it was you I
told/girl I wanna see you smile/can you please do
it for me right now/girl I wanna make some
love/have a child sent by the man above/girl you
are the best/ would you go with me please say yes
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Lyrics to How I luv u
by Young Hoodlum

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