Lyrics to Its not Enough
by Youth Brigade

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[edit]Song titleIts not Enough
[edit]Artist nameYouth Brigade
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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i believe that we have dreams of another world
where we truly live in peace if its naive then
call me a fool but in t his crazy place dreams are
really all we have its not enough to say that you
are helpless no its not enough to scream you cant
take it no its not enough you can do more than
make excuses for abuses that leave this hell on
earth disease where nothing makes sense so we
learn to live in pain cry keep on asking why and
understand no one said it was easy everytime i
think that its too late i ember the dreams and
hang onto the little things cause nothings what it
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inside with despair realize the lies and hatred
aren't the only choice its not enough to say that
you are helpless no its not enough to scream you
cant take it no its not enough to speak of how
you'd change no its not enough it never is
everyday i try to understand the violence raging
thorough this land yet all i see just baffles me
what the hell is wrong with us all guns kill
that's a fact excuses wont bring the dead back
stop the money sot the greed that fuels this
killing machine
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Lyrics to Its not Enough
by Youth Brigade

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