Lyrics to Wake Me Up
by Zebrahead

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[edit]Song titleWake Me Up
[edit]Artist nameZebrahead
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I want a wrecking ball
I want to break it all
I want to jump the track
Fade the day to black
It's in the elements
In the elements
Is what they meant
And the world is bent

Give me something to believe in
A drop of hope to raise
our fists up high
Blood fills our lungs
from screaming
We won't live a lie
won't live a lie
This life is but a dream!

So wake me up
Cause I must be dreaming
I can't believe what my
eyes are seeing
Yeah wake me up
I can't find a meaning
Nothing really matters when
the world is sinking
Down, down. down
When it all falls
Down, down, down
Who will you blame?

I want to be what I'm not
I want to care a lot
Find more similar lyrics on want to stop your fall
I want to take it all
It's never Heaven sent
Never heaven sent
And what they meant
never made a dent
Give me something to believe in
A drop of hope to raise
our fists up high
Blood fills our lungs
from screaming
We won't live a lie
won't live a lie
This life is but a dream.


Trust is breached
We're misunderstood
We try to find our way
But we're falling down
Nothing to hold on to
No one there to catch you
And I could never lie to you

I said we're fucking falling down
Nothing to hold to
No one there to catch you
And I know you'd never lie
Give us something to believe in
This life is not a dream!

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Lyrics to Wake Me Up
by Zebrahead

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