Lyrics to Trippin'
by Zuba

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[edit]Song titleTrippin'
[edit]Artist nameZuba
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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1) When im in my bed
Lonliness can turn to sorrow
The window pulls my sight
To the sky and see tomorrow, all the
stars are spinning in my head

2) Saturn seems so far
Surfing on the planet mars
comets fill my eyes
They shoot right by
And leave their tales in my head, all my worries go away

Chorus -
I told my psyche not to get lost in complexities
Enjoy the simple 1's and 2's of life and liberty
And finally undercut the arms that hold me down
My god im trippin on this type of sound

3) Then im deep in sleep
Stories flash into my life
So quickly they pass by
And I find that I am overdosing on the world,
floating endlessly through night

Bridge -
Come and take my hand, lets look inside
Part of the plan, to help realize

Chorus -
My mind it makes a world out of nothingness
And then I fall into a stupid mess of my regrets
All the time I was running and I tried to hide
But now im trippin as I take a ride
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So many days I'm smiling through the haze of
last nights lingering effects
Ringing out the smoke, the beer, the powerful
smell of night life atmosphere
Too many pretty faces lost in a drifting drunken blur
Trying to remember what I did, trying
to remember who you were
Reflecting on frustrations has got the best of me
So behold as we strip this dime store
novel mystery and we float y'all
Interplanetary groove
'Cause Saturn Mars to so many they're just stars
But like Sun Ra, space is the place
for the entire human race
So get ready y'all as we keep on payin' our dues
Who doubts a groove like this can make you move

4) Universal time
keeping both my feet connected to it all
Helps me see my life in full light
helps me know the wrong and right, like
the birth of something new

5) & the waves crash on the shore
Their repetitious rythms synching up the world
Dreams travel through night
Images throughout my life.....
floating endlessly while I sleep

Chorus #1
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Lyrics to Trippin'
by Zuba

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