Lyrics to Hammer Revelation
by Zyklon

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[edit]Song titleHammer Revelation
[edit]Artist nameZyklon
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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A depiction of the lamb, the lion, deplorably portrayed.
The beast, the dragon, as in shadowy imagery,
have the power to take away peace on earth.
The threshold's here as the sun turns black,
the moon red like blood and stars falling down.
Babylon falling, the last of the antagonistic battles,
the madman chained for a thousand of years.
Use your eyes and you will see it, bright and shining.
A moment of your time, a glimpse of your (brave) new world

Your revelation, in apocalyptic terms,
the hammer, separating fiction from reality.
Find more similar lyrics on the notion, embrace the moment.
Who are the ones to tell the truth,
who are the ones to tell what to believe?
The depiction is therefore all you`ve got.

The hammer is mine, the revelation is yours.
Am I God or am I the Devil?
It`s a comprehensible, yet complex, reality,
because it means that when the past has
caught up with the present,
we have no future.
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Lyrics to Hammer Revelation
by Zyklon

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