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Welcome to the all-new MP3Lyrics.org, where we've fine-tuned the art of lyrics to make it more fun to sing, learn, and listen to your favorite songs. First created in 2004, and now, 20 years later, we're thrilled to announce our grand re-launch on December 2nd, 2023 at 13:00 UTC - ushering in a new era for musical exploration.

Our motto, "Makes it more fun to sing, learn lyrics & listen to songs," is at the heart of what we do. Dive into the world of music with precision and playfulness. Whether you're belting out tunes in the shower, enhancing your lyrical knowledge, or simply enjoying the beats, MP3Lyrics.org is your one-stop destination.

Our community of music enthusiasts has meticulously curated a collection that spans genres and eras, ensuring there's something for every musical palate. We've reimagined and revamped our platform for an intuitive and enjoyable journey through the lyrics that accompany your favorite tunes.

Join us on this melodious adventure, where every note is celebrated, and every lyric comes to life. MP3Lyrics.org - Making it more fun to sing, learn lyrics, and listen to songs, because music should be an experience worth savoring.

Singing, learning the lyrics and listening to songs is more fun with MP3Lyrics. We help people understand what is being said in songs.

Many of our lyrics contain the answers to the questions:

  • What are the correct words and the various sounds heard on the record?
  • How are the words spelled?
  • Are there alternative versions of a song?
  • Who participates in a song performance?
  • Is the artist or group connected with others of similar genre.
  • Are different lyrical texts connected through similar songs?

So get ready for a musical revolution with the upcoming December 2023 launch of MP3Lyrics! With roots dating back to 2004, we're redefining the way you sing, learn lyrics, and experience songs. Our platform is a haven for music enthusiasts, offering a playful yet precise journey through the world of lyrics. Dive into a curated collection spanning genres and eras, unravel the correct words, explore alternative versions, and uncover the connections between artists. MP3Lyrics is not just about music; it's about making your musical exploration more enjoyable. Stay tuned for the grand launch on December 2nd, where every note and lyric come to life!


Have questions or feedback about MP3Lyrics? Reach out to us! Our inbox is ready to receive your inquiries, suggestions, or any thoughts you want to share. Whether you're seeking information, want to report an issue, or just want to say hi, our team is here to assist. Your connection with us is important, and we look forward to hearing from you at [email protected] - Let the conversation begin!